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Christmas New Year 2020


Sending you love from a cold climate. And like TS Eliot's Magi....

“A cold coming we had of it, Just the worst time of the year For a journey, and such a long journey: The ways deep and the weather sharp, The very dead of winter.......

This: were we led all that way for Birth or Death? There was a birth, certainly, We had evidence and no doubt. I had seen birth and death, But had thought they were different; this Birth was Hard and bitter agony for us, like Death, our death. We returned to our places, these Kingdoms, But no longer at ease here, in the old dispensation, With an alien people clutching their gods. I should be glad of another death."

I think these are not times of ease. We may feel among alien people, clutching their dodgy gods. But what other choice but to follow a star when it summons, carrying such pieces of gold as we have managed to acquire, and frankincense which fills space and reminds the heart, and myrrh because there is always sorrow in such a journey? And there are always Magi.

I'm not sure why this poem came up after I had written 'Hello', because I was only planning to wish you all a happy new year! But the camels wandered into view, and the bedraggled Kings, and that great cold journey, and it all feels very appropriate, at least over here!

Not much festivity, but cold, and everyone out walking everywhere in the mud, to get some air, to escape the heated imprisonment, to talk to other human beings even at a distance. Daughter came down and saw friends in parks, muddy boots and scarves, icy fingers and mulled wine in plastic cups (£5). We quite enjoyed our Christmas.....played board games, but it's all a bit odd....

Hope yours was enjoyable, and I wish you a happy dawning of the new year, and many fruitful months to come. May change be blessing!



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These musings are responses to a context, a time, a place, a query. Another time, another context. An angle slightly different, a different response, perhaps seemingly in contradiction.

But Truth is present if it resonates truthfully, and in the process should generate more questions...

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