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Power and working with the Solar Plexus

Q. You said you had something of a collywobble after the last meditation when your solar plexus got over-activated. I am just emerging out of my own days of descent into migraine pain and my nervous system manifesting intense chaos...maybe in an attempt to regain equilibrium. Is there something I am not integrating into my being......and the steelyard keeps moving.

So the real question is how do I integrate more of the Unconditioned, so that integration can happen and the movements can become less violent. more in rest, without the swings from one side of the beam to the other?

A. I am concerned to hear you have had another visit into the dark regions.

However, your self-analysis about equilibrium and intense swings, and not 'integrating', this to me sounds like results of a disturbance, not the cause? The very act of self-analysing can generate unsteadiness, because the one who says:. I'm not integrating... I need to equilibrate...etc'. cannot actually do it, and so the swings continue.

When I felt that over-activation, I came to the conclusion that there wasn't really some trick or method I could have pulled out to quickly calm my over-active middle; at least I couldn't find one. In fact, in the circumstances, the solar plexus energy was doing its job, and quite effectively for others. 'Time out' is the best strategy sometimes!

Also, any particular context exists within a bigger one, and it is to this which one should turn. Thus:


The earth is the Lord's and the power thereof.

Remembrance that the heavens and earth declare the glory of God.

Who can enter the rapt silence, and hear the susurration of wings round the throne?

Not me and my solar-plexus!

But if I have forgotten myself, then I can walk forward…...

Such remembrance and forgetting shifts the locus to the Transformer (true heart), and then energies don't collect and get stuck, However, a firm solar plexus will consolidate power and allow it to operate on a good foundation. Only then is it possible to go beyond it, and to “walk with God in the Garden in the cool of the day”, so to speak.

In the first garden, Adam and Eve hid from Him among the trees, because they had listened to the serpent (of power) and with their newly acquired knowledge of good and evil, were now committed to rulership, (solar plexus). But they had sacrificed their access to the Garden....

What that means is the need to hold power within a greater context. The traditional safeguard is religion-- good old-fashioned Faith. Modern 'spirituality' is obsessed with the lower domains, (mentality and feeling), endlessly re-making these foundations, and with so many make-overs, it never sets firm.

Therefore, the great secret of the garden is rarely approached.

"And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden."

To consolidate the solar-plexus:-

Forget concept and go and work the earth, dance to some heavy metal, use your skills.

Use your power and it will build, not in the brain but the belly, from which it emanates.

Learn a martial art.

Make some pots and fling them at a wall when you feel tension mounting…..


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These musings are responses to a context, a time, a place, a query. Another time, another context. An angle slightly different, a different response, perhaps seemingly in contradiction.

But Truth is present if it resonates truthfully, and in the process should generate more questions...

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