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In a  session of Symbolic Encounters, you start with some issue you want to explore or understand better.

When you articulate this issue,  the precise words you choose will invoke the metaphors embedded in language itself, and you will also be guided towards finding he right metaphor to express your situation or dilemma, and whatever you reach for will conceal a wealth of sub-conscious information. Gradually this will be brought to conscious awareness. Once you see, things can change.

It is a quest, an exploration into what may be blocking fulfillment of an aim. The method is simple, the questions few and repetitive, but surprisingly effective.

The method is developed from a particular training*, as a supplement to the traditional foundations of meditation, enquiry, contemplation and developmental disciplines which have never been superseded for those who want to enquire through experience not theories, doctrines or beliefs.  This symbol/metaphor route is a new entry point.

By taking note of signposts you would otherwise miss, you can set a new direction...........


Individual Symbolic Encounter sessions:


1 hour sessions in North London person to person,

or online.

My fees are very modest. Please enquire for details  :


Clean Language , developed by David Grove  and

Symbolic Modelling, a method by Lawley and Tompkins,

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