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Symbolic Encounters is a coaching process, an invitation to take a 'walk' in your individual inner 'landscape' , either face to face or via online methods.

You are facilitated to

Clarify an issue 

Get round a blockage

Motivate yourself

Resolve a problem

 Locate your hidden resources 

Personal Metaphors and Symbols

Just as there are universally recognised natural and archetypal symbols, so as individuals we have our own personal inner symbols, unconsciously and automatically representing our values and experience.

Above all, the imprint of trauma or joys are most often recorded in the psyche as an internal image. We only realise if asked to describe or convey the  feeling or content, and automatically reach for a metaphor to try to convey it to someone else.

 These personal metaphors and symbols have power to hold us bound long after the stimulus has passed, and to influence our present and future actions.

However when brought into conscious awareness, the emotional power of holding becomes available for change.

The next page will take you through how a session might work......

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