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The Price of Knowledge

Q. I've struggled over my inability to fully relax into the Symbolic process, and yet the benefit of seeing the blocks has meaningfully reset the view. Many shadows have declared themselves in the form of doubts and fears. Yet I have known silence, clarity, and the void; if however fleeting.

A. I cannot stress enough that far from somehow 'failing' at the Symbolic process, you have demonstrated its true usefulness and capacity to engender Knowledge. Knowledge, or true Seeing, always comes as a result of conflict, an internal clash which shifts the tectonic plates of the psyche.

Nothing else will do it. No amount of thinking, ruminating, self-criticism or clever insightful thought can shift those plates, which have been carefully established through a lifetime of 'managing oneself' and one's goals, of 'self'-organisation and emotional aspiration.

Knowledge has a price, and the price is challenge.

Tens of thousands of people listen to online Spiritual Teachers, attend virtual 'satsangs', or travel across the globe for workshops. The question needs to be asked: what is the mechanism for personal confrontation? Rivers of dollars wash through the network, but Knowledge isn't in league with dollars.

Mind you, Knowledge isn’t every one’s goal…..

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These musings are responses to a context, a time, a place, a query. Another time, another context. An angle slightly different, a different response, perhaps seemingly in contradiction.

But Truth is present if it resonates truthfully, and in the process should generate more questions...

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