The quest for meaning  is the beginning of a process.

Contemporary society is fractured,  and we need more than ever to take the reins of our own destiny, to look for meaning and  to design a life with purpose and depth. 

Meditation, properly instructed, is an indispensable  foundation, and the classic system offered here is through personal contact, so is based mainly in UK.

Symbolic Encounters is a process working with symbol and metaphor, suitable for anyone who wants to try a new and effective way to work through a problem, understand their own strengths, look for inspiration for a new project. 

It's a method which can also help experienced meditators of any tradition to deepen their awareness and to gain new insight through a different approach and perspective.  Phone or digital media works well.

Seership covers many aspects of life-training when the aim is to see more deeply into the nature of  reality. 

"We had the experience but missed the meaning,

And approach to the meaning restores the experience

In a different form..."

                               T S Eliot - Dry Salvages