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The quest for meaning is perennial, but seems especially urgent in an age of uncertainty. There are still, as always, traditional ways to dive deep and find some principles to guide everyday life.

In this website I offer these pointers from my own  40 years of  experience:


Meditation, properly instructed, is an indispensable foundation for taking the reins of our own destiny and for designing a life with purpose and depth.

Seership, is a training in everyday life, with an aim to see more deeply into the nature of the life, world and reality and therefore give a personal life real meaning and hope.

Symbolic Encounters adapts a coaching method to explore personal symbols and metaphors. It helps to work through problems, or find the inspiration for a new project or new perspective. 

I was introduced to meditation by an inspirational teacher in 1975 during post-graduate work at the University of Oxford. At a point of suffering, a door opened and I went through. The esoteric (hidden) had entered the academic, and I pursued both with the quiet determination of necessity. 

An extract from the Introduction to my latest book:

Diaries of a Mystic: Excavating the Intangible  

 Lucy Oliver,  2023

      "For many, the ‘twenties’ are characteristically turbulent years, full of experiments, experiences, failures and successes in the quest for a firm identity and role in life. I had a clear inner trajectory which could be characterized as searching for ‘Meaning’, ‘ultimate meaning’, or ‘God’ (though I was wary of dogma and received ideas).

         I was looking for those intimations of experience beyond the personal, like ripples on a pond from some yet invisible subterranean activity. Initially, feeling my way without other guidance, by writing the diaries I had a sounding-board, a dialogue with self, part of a process to fashion a reasonably coherent worldview and identity.

          I wanted to follow these intimations, but it was still a lightbulb moment when I realised that there was a way of ordering these scattered intimations into a structured whole which allowed for evolution. Order is a creative force. A pile of bricks becomes a house when they are organised, utilising the laws of space and form to realise an aim and design.


         Intimations need the same treatment if they are to house the spirit. It is not enough just to sense things, and even less productive just to believe things."

If this speaks to you, please explore this website......

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