The quest for meaning is perennial, but seems especially urgent in an age of uncertainty. There are still, as always, traditional ways to dive deep and find some principles to guide everyday life.

Here are some pointers:


Meditation, properly instructed, is an indispensable foundation for taking the reins of our own destiny and for designing a life with purpose and depth. 

Symbolic Encounters adapts a method from coaching techniques to explore personal symbols and metaphor, which can be effective to work through a problem, come to see your own strengths and new possibilities, or find the inspiration for a new project or new perspective. 

A whole life approach could be called Seership, because the aim is to see more deeply into the nature of the life, world and reality which give a personal life meaning and hope.


Tessellations: Patterns of Life and Death in the Company of a Master  is now available.

In  my new book you can read my intimate insider's view of working with a powerful charismatic teacher for 40 years in London.


Mastering the Cyber-Dragon

A Mythological approach to the Digital Revolution

We have woken a Dragon.  This one is not a Chinese dragon, or Welsh dragon, but a Global dragon, a creature of cyber-space, and because it is in full rampage, it might be valuable to gain some insight into the life of the ancient, powerful and meaningful symbol of a ‘Dragon’. Why might it be useful to employ this imagery and symbol for our current struggles in the chaotic lee of the digital revolution? ......

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"We had the experience but missed the meaning,

And approach to the meaning restores the experience

In a different form..."

                               T S Eliot - Dry Salvages

Enneagram in twelve sigils
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