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The quest for meaning is perennial, but seems especially urgent in an age of uncertainty. There are still, as always, traditional ways to dive deep and find some principles to guide everyday life.


Meditation, properly instructed, is an indispensable foundation for taking the reins of our own destiny and for designing a life with purpose and depth.

Seership, is a training in everyday life, with an aim to see more deeply into the nature of the life, world and reality and therefore give a personal life real meaning and hope.

Symbolic Encounters adapts a coaching method to explore personal symbols and metaphors. It helps to work through problems, or find the inspiration for a new project or new perspective. 

 I was introduced to meditation by an inspirational teacher in 1975 during post-graduate work at the University of Oxford. (see Tessellations).

At a point of suffering, a door opened and I went through.

The esoteric (hidden) had entered the academic, and I pursued both with the quiet determination of necessity. 




 An unusual autobiography, an intimate true-life chronicle of soul-search from the diaries of a young woman living and studying in the university town of Oxford in the late 1970’s. For fifty years the diaries lay forgotten in a trunk, until rediscovered by her at the age of 72. The diaries cover six years of an intense maturing process to find and articulate a meaningful framework for life and loving.

Aided by the wisdom of hindsight, the interwoven commentary by herself as an older woman reflecting on her younger self makes these diaries much more than just a trip down memory lane. The voices of Youth and Age intertwine throughout the narrative, and create a profound and sometimes searing portrayal of love, loss and spiritual growth, catalysed by a combination of academic learning and direct perception.

Oxford itself, the "town of dreaming spires" is an evocative backdrop in this fresh and poetic portrayal before the sprawl of modern developments and the influence of mass tourism.


                  £4.99    Ebook                                 £10.99   Print, paperback       Available from Amazon, your local bookstore and most Ebook retailers.

The print book will also be available in UK from me:

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