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Meditation and Lineage

Q. Is it right to be aware of the lineage when meditating-- when it’s a genuine transmission?

I started having an intention of 'contacting' it as I meditated. I don't know if it is my imagination or not, but my experience is that when I do this, there is increased potency, clarity and subtle power in the meditation. This takes the meditation out of the realm of the 'shakti', 'light' and the many perceptual phenomena that easily arise for me, and there is a kind of naked clarity. It also feels like this is impacting my state during the rest of the day. I feel better.

A. Not necessarily, but it's not surprising that you feel an intensification if you set up a connection like that! And yes, you don't need the phenomena.

Keeping a real connection alive is a magical act, because it's easily forgotten about, lapsed or lost. Large fall-out rate! But in so far as it is remembered and upheld in emptiness, I think it generates..... Something to do with potency.

Knowing can be very quiet and unremarkable, just like turning around, or turning within.

Q. Why do we crave Silence? What does inner silence make possible?

A. When there's nothing else, nothing in the way, you know something. And that Knowing is so potent that some of us spend 40 years squatting on our haunches trying to find it, or leaping off mountains in a bat-suit for 5 minutes of true silence before hitting the ground!

To live with Silence means not compromising. Not identifying with all the flim-flam. Acting from one's own core, not from someone else's projection or production. They-- the rest of the world-- are entitled to their activities and identifications; one can participate, but not have to identify with. It’s a natural process, this kind of standing back, and in such good and universal company, is one really alone?

It is like an initiation into the ancient Mysteries; they can't be standardised, the onus is on the individual, and the key mechanism is transmission.

Q. Yes, I understand what you are saying about the mystery not being standardized, or institutionalized!

And I have a deep sense of the initiation into mystery, and how this can unfold, and also how it can be forgotten... And when I say that, I remember something when I talk to you, that's what it is…. I remember something about the mystery.

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These musings are responses to a context, a time, a place, a query. Another time, another context. An angle slightly different, a different response, perhaps seemingly in contradiction.

But Truth is present if it resonates truthfully, and in the process should generate more questions...

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